Project 2 : Metropolis



The New Utopia is a short story by jarome jarome in which the author describes his dream about a socialist society. Jerome's short essay describes a regimented future city, indeed world, of nightmarish egalitarianism, where men and women are barely distinguishable in their grey uniforms and all have short black hair, natural or dyed.

Creating a timeline and rule that were given by the majority and everyone in the city need to follow.
To create a utopia everyone have to be equal everyone need to
follow the same routine for both man and woman.

Free document
The author’s view on the new utopia and mine are different.
My view on new utopia is the place where everyone one can live happily together,
but at the same time you still live under the same rule.
In the picture, everyone live under the same roof and every room are control to be the same.
Everyone in the condo allow to do anything that they want.

figure ground

Ever Changing Condo

The city that will never stop changing and developing.

Today’s society is constantly producing stuff. We buy, we accumulate, we waste, we throw away.
In today’s environment, it is the user which construct new natural landscapes.
Either for personal need or laziness. We construct mines, landfill, quarry
and other money making sites.
The condominium represent our way of approaching the city, adapting to different environments
and taking advantage from it.
Whenever the environment get ruin the condominium starting the move away from
the landscape and finding a new home. The views represent the experience of the people
who are living in the condominium. Everyone could live there

The view represent the relationship between the high rise building and the landscape.
Show how the condominium adapt with the landscape and environment through the various
form of the building.

The view show the cause of the environment that got destroyed by human. We producing waste and create more pollution to the environment.

On the opposite side of the condo we will see the different environment that also got destroyed by
the human. We deconstruct the forest to use for building, furniture, and fuel.


The condominium constructed as an high rise building and have an unusual zigzag shape

because It could adapting to the various shape depending on the environment.
The person who live upper floor will see the beautiful sky.
The person who live on the lower floor will see the landscape


This video demonstrate how human behavior ruin the environment. 

Project 2.2 : Metropolis Phurichya Jirayutat

Project 2.2
Phurichya Jirayutat
Natalia Vera Vigaray

In this phrase we are to construct scenes and create spatial experience through considerations of perspective and scales.


I created these sequence of images to portray the concept of dual reality, the different between reality and the created digital facades in which people would see when wearing the device, and that everybody would see things differently due to the fact that everyone's content is customised to there interests and likes. 

These images focus on areas in which people would use or passes through in there daily life. 
Which includes 4 scenes + 3 scenes. The first set of images shows scenes of spaces in the city. While the second set shows an emphasised look of how different would one perceive the same space(residence)/scene.

This is the same room(residential use) but is perceived differently for each person.


In this section cut, I want to emphasise on how each and every individual moves through the city. As described in the story that this city is "a Canyon of Sky Scrapers" and  "Very Dense and packed", There are very tall buildings and small actual roads. So in this city they are bridges all around the city, connecting floors of buildings to another. Since it is more efficient than going all the way down and again all the way up. The individual can just use these bridges as shortcuts. There are also underground spaces. In this section cut, I also emphasised on our concept of gradients of buildings.


Towards the shadier part of my city, there are buildings that contains 'Hidden' and an 'Off-limit' theme. For example hidden entrances, secret spaces, or structures customised to give the user choices of visibility to the outsiders. I find this concept very interesting and it would evermore illustrate a clearer image of my city.



Instructor : Sabrina Moreala
Preeyanuch Natthapan (Momor)




In this second phase, scales and perceptions from your city design will be reconsidered through an inquiry into the human perspective, leading you to construct (and deconstruct) a sequence of spatial experiences.


5 Images
The project explores the notion of the streets as pathways throughout the city. Streets which can act as surfaces, as connection and as illusory moments.


The project starts as an inventory from Perec’s text. I extracted themes, topics, categories, and spatial clues creating a new city out of it.  “Species of Space and other Pieces” doesn't contain a proper story, but instead it contains lots of descriptions of places in great details. Through these details, it is possible to recreate a whole world. These fragments makes the city itself rather than a narrative.


You never see one view at the time but you read the city as a whole. Every space in connected to something else, not enabling you to have an horizont. You are constantly inside the space and in front of buildings, advertising, traffic lights etc. Not having a point of reference allow the user to be lost in these spaces.

he buildings connect and lead to each other, and from every single corner of the city you are able to see the streets.
Each view is precisely constructed around the conformation of these paths.  

The perception of the urban space is through moments of getting around the corner, or seeing from above the people and cars moving.


 The 5 scenes are developed further in this animation



Sakaokaew Jindawitchu (Ploy)
Instructor: Pratana Klieopatinon 

In this second phase, scales and perceptions from your city design will be reconsidered through an inquiry into the human perspective, leading you to construct (and deconstruct) a sequence of spatial experiences.

5 Images
In the 5 images I choose 'Low Party building' as my point of perspective as I thought they have a their own unique lifestyle of living. All the images are connected by the perspective of layers to layers starting from above ground to underground. 

Red Grid
I developed a system for the ministry call 'Red Grid', it acts like one of the camera that are place in the room. But, even more advance, the red grid can be both use visually and digitally. They can use to trace the alignment of the furniture and the integrity of the people living in the cells.

Ministry looking at the cells
When the ministry look down, they will see different cells with red grid and the cells number located on the top-right. The color red mean there in people inside the room, however; white mean they are not there.

A cell looking out to ministry
Every cells are all decorated the same to equality between everyone. There are basic elements such as bed and shelves.

Entrance to low party building
The tall poles are to show the strong structure of the building or to say that the ministry are still stable and powerful. On the other hand, the red grid can also be use to track people entering the rooms.

Low party building underground
The room are design to face each other, to enhance that not only the ministry are watching them but people themselves also watch each other.

Ministry underground road
The grid can also be use for function like car passing in and out, the identity of the driver, what are their destination.

Command Room First Design
This is the sketch design of the command room system. The screen shows how the grid are used, which show the identity of the user.

I intensify the use angle of being watch by both side. For example, the higher part of the command room can see the cells at more wider area while the lower part of the ministry are use to watch the cells at just some specific areas only. On the other hand. the citizen can look at the ministry at a very wide area to show the importance of Big brother, since the design are slant. Ministry are looking down at the low party but the low party needs to look up at the ministry. I also add in the locations of the red grid and surveillance cameras location scattered in different areas.

 The 5 scenes are developed further in this animation.Which I focuses on how the officer watch the citizen. The programs I use to make this animation are Unreal Engine, Premier Pro and Rhino.

Free Document
For the free document, I though that what if the red grid can actually be applied in the reality how would it be. I got inspired by the technique of hologram since it can portray the use of red grid the best. While I also make a physical model both from command room and the citizen rooms.

How to use the red grid

Manual Control for red Grid

Project 2.2

The six collage define a space in different point of view.

Cozy- I define my interior space to be really different and contrast to the exterior. The exterior of the building is very complex and confusing. So I define my space to be very comfort.

Public space - I elevated the public space to emphasize the important of the public space.

Underground room - This space mention to the building that cut through the canal. In that part you can see this type of view. The blue color of the canal can create the calmness feeling.

 Simplicity room - To see the contrast between inside and outside.Cutting out the outside world that really complex to the interior space that really simple and clam.

Garden - The garden create the feeling of relaxing inside the building. The collage show the different type of materiality.
The hidden space - The unexpected space inside the building and the unexpected feeling when you getting inside the building.
I designed a narrative to let the people and the protagonist define space. 
I create the rule of living in this city. So you can see that the outside space is complex and confusion, sometimes create stress. But in the interior space it really different and contrasting. The interior is really comfort, relaxing and peaceful. But to getting inside you need to do something to pass so there a rule for you. When you walking into the street and you feel really tired so you really want to get rest but only thing that you can do to enter the building is “ to doing the activity” I give you a 3 level of activity. 1. Playing chess you will be a play who ever reaching through the opposite side first going to win and the following score is up to who got the second and third 2.climbing you need to climb the rock compete with the time who faster than the other going to get the high score. 3. After you pass the level 2, it going to connect the level 3 immediately, it is a golf. You need to swing the golf ball in your building first and then swing to the another building as far as you can. The further one going to get the highest score. When you finish the activity so you can enter the building.

The another rule in the city is if you get a good score you will be got a reward. We will offer you to relaxing in the beach. Who got more than 90 point will be able to stay in a beach for a whole day but who got more than 80 but less than 90 point wll be able to stay in a beach for a half day.
After that you can enjoy your interior space and rest as most as you can. Also we giving you the aquarium space you can walk along the tunnel and see the different type of fish see how beautiful and enjoy the relaxation.

This is a composite representation of my city as a board game. So you can see that you have to toss the dice to moving from the start point to reaching to inside the building. Also there have a lot of obstacle before you enter to the building you need to pass it all. When you stop at the beach, chess, rock climbing and golf you need to stop for 1 times and let the other play. A game of proportions for differentiated perception.